"We were ready to lose our best employee. The [poltergeist] activity has ceased since you did the clearing for us. Thank you!"

"Thanks so very much again for the energy clearing here at the house. It really does feel different."

"The front room doesn't feel opressive anymore."

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"I wanted to submit a testimonial regarding my recent experience with Cindy Riggs.

My story beings with many years of sadness and depression, extreme bad luck and general hard times. I am very active in the paranormal field. I am a promoter of haunted locations throughout Ohio. I have been seen on national TV and heard on international radio regarding the paranormal. While being a tour guide at one of my locations, I was physically attacked by something. I was thrown to the ground, at this point I lost consciousness. After I recovered, I felt very down and depressed. I lost my "daytime" job and was on the verge of losing everything I own. Desperation set in, so I approached a minister, who said he would contact Cindy Riggs.

I did not know at this time what had happened, and I did not know all the details until I visited the minister the following week. He asked me what had happened in the previous 3 days. My response was as if the world had turned completely around. The weight of the world felt like it had been lifted off my shoulders. My house felt "warm" for the first time in over 2 years. The following business day, I received 4 job interviews and some good news regarding my finances. At this point he informed me that Cindy had performed a [remote] cleansing. She told him that I had 8 attachments (some very stubborn) and it took the assistance of many Angels to break the grip (more than usual). I am not sure what Cindy did, and I had not even met her. But everything changed for me after she performed her magic.

Being a promoter and very active in the paranormal field, I find myself having to find a rational reason for what happens in my locations, but for the first time ever, I feel that of the many psychics that say they can heal my woes, Cindy Riggs has been more successful than any others. So much so that I am encouraging her to appear on many of the radio shows and the TV shows that I appear on. This lady is making me a believer. Thank you Cindy!"

-Ellis Byrd

(As seen on SyFy channel’s Ghost Hunters, A&E’s My Ghost Story. Promoter of "Haunted Mansfield" , " The Bissman Building" and "Plattsburg High School.")

"My body doesn't feel [those uncomfortable] sensations anymore. I'm back to normal. Thank you!"

Also visit www.CindyRiggs.com

"My house does feel better. I haven't noticed any "visitors", and my dog hasn't, either.  Thank you so much for helping me. Now I can enjoy living here, again. I have been saying the protection statement each morning and night.

In addition to the wonderful gift of clearing the house, you also brought me two more special memories. The incredible joy I felt in the presence of the angels is something I hope I will never forget.

Also, when my spirit guide, said,  "Remember, I am always with you and I will always help you",  that really meant a lot to me.  I am divorced and raised 5 kids by myself.  I know what  it is like to feel alone with no one to help you. Thank you for introducing my spirit guides to me.

I am glad you have the courage to use your gifts to help people."

"The change in my daughter has been nothing short of amazing. All teenagers are moody, but she was truly agitated to the point that she was unable to sleep, she had trouble eating; she was very depressed and seemed to dwell on the darker aspects of the world. We had been to our family doctor and explained all of this, he examined her and his solution was Prozac and medication to ease the stomach cramps. Needless to say; the treatment plan was ineffective.

By the beginning of May, things were really getting strange around our house and the effects were being felt by everyone. I knew something had to be done but I had no idea what, so after a particularity frightening episode, I turned to someone I trusted and asked for help, and he referred me to you.

My original intention with our appointment was to just meet you, see who you were and what you were about, and discuss the options that were available. As fate would have it, the day of our appointment my daughter became so ill she was unable to finish the day at school. I hadn't said anything to her about talking to you, but I think fate was insisting that their will be heeded so I brought her with me.

That was the best decision I have ever made.

Words cannot describe how it felt to see my child jump out of bed the next morning, grinning from ear to ear and telling me that it was going to be a great day! To have her hug me just out of the sheer joy of being alive and part of the universe!!! Again, I agree that all teenagers are moody, but I know my daughter, there was a ‘lightness’ about her that I had not seen in a long time, it was as if some great weight had been lifted from her shoulders and she could easily walk on clouds.

'Thank you' seems so small compared to the gratitude I feel - but it will have to do. I simply do not have the vocabulary required to express how thankful I am to have been led to your door."

"Ever since [the clearing of our office building], we have literally been flooded with new projects!! Even business that had been stalled for ages, has started up again. The timing of all of this is far too obvious to be coincidental. [The owner] and I are both VERY impressed with how quickly things have turned around! It really has been a night-and-day turnaround. If [he] was ever on the fence about the supernatural before, he isn't now. Thanks again and hope to keep all the positive energy flowing!

"We met at the Psychic Fair in Sharonville, OH. I attended your seminar on Ghostbusting and met with you about my house problems. You were able to 'remote access' into my home to help 17 spirits cross over. I wanted to let you know that I have had no problems with my house since your intervention. The number of nightmares I have has decreased, I am able to sleep in my bedroom more often, and I haven't seen the visitor. Thank you so much for your help! Good luck with all of your good work."